Monday, November 12, 2007


Welcome to online community space for exchange on real issues in Iowa. In these pages, we hope to bring a fresh perspective on issues affecting people of color in Iowa, and provide a platform for us to exchange ideas and post information about community gatherings. At the same time, we hope to honor and build upon the longstanding institutions that have formed the core of our community for decades and have sustained us.

In some ways, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign inspired the creation of this site (see Barack's comments above at the JJ Dinner). We were moved by his ideas for political change to mobilize an online community of Iowans who shared Barack’s dedication to inclusion, opportunity, and action.

But this isn’t just about one campaign or one candidate. Our effort is about using new tools to provide a space so that we can exchange ideas, strategize, take action, and ultimately improve the quality of life of many within our community for decades to come.

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This really is an amazing speech.