Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DSM: School Board of Cowards?

By Les Cason Jr.

The School Board Of Cowards: Dick Murphy, Patty Link, Connie Boesen, Ginny Strong, and Nancy Sebring. It is easy to gang up and attack Jonathan Narcisse who is doing his job, who is keeping his promise to the people who elected him to the School Board! It is easy to overlook Graduation Rates, Poor Academic Scores, and High drop out rates, and take your frustrations out on Jonathan Narcisse. It is easy to avoid asking questions about how taxpayer money is spent! It is easy to avoid how Connie Bossen's Brother-in-Law received $130,000 dollars for land Des Moines Public Schools never used! However, it is hard to stand up to the questions and challenges Jonathan has put on the table. If Nancy Sebring has the academic credentials, Nancy would welcome Jonathan's challenge with open arms. With the data and budget book at hand, if Dick, Connie, Ginny and Patty believed Jonathan's information was wrong! Instead of putting on a show for the public they would have made it a point on Tuesday to have their information ready to challenge Jonathan!

Reasons you've seen the display of ignorance and immaturity from the Coward Of Five, because they are not being forthright, they are hiding information from the public which they do not want you to know. Everyone is pointing the finger at Jonathan Narcisse, however if you attend a School Board Meeting you will see Jonathan do two things, ask questions and demand answers! Which the last I looked was not a crime unless you are AFRICAN AMERICAN AND IN A POSITION OF INFLUENCE!

The last couple of weeks, I have witnessed some of the most RACIST REMARKS AND BEHAVIOR FROM THE SCHOOL MEETING TO THE DES MOINES REGISTER BLOGS! I have yet to have one person tell me what Jonathan did was wrong, from the School Board meeting to his radio program, no one has yet pointed out what did Johnthan did was wrong! Yet many on the Des Moines Register Blogs have DEFENDED JOHNATHAN NARCISSE WHICH MAKES ME PROUD! The ones against Johnathan Narcisse have yet to tell me what has Jonathan done wrong.

So you mean to tell me asking questions and raising issues is a crime? If one goes to the School Board Meetings, listens to the radio or watches the meetings on TV will see this is all that Jonathan is doing. Jonathan is doing what he said he would do during his campaign,so now people are surprised? Jonathan has not sold out unlike other members of the African American Community. Jonathan has set out and demanded the truth about Drop Out Rate, how the Board Spent Tax Payers Money, Poor Academic Scores. The Reason African Americans are doing so poorly in Academics and Attendance. Why African American students have the highest Suspension Rates Among a Majority White population!

However according to Dick Murphy, teachers are doing a fine job, in fact Dick made sure to make this point clear to a concerned parent who dared to criticize Teachers at Merrill were his children attend. Because his Children attended Merrill all the Teachers at Merrill are doing a good job. This Parent saw it differently and Dick Murphy made sure she felt his rage! However this was never posted on the web site. You do not have the opportunity to see this on the Internet. However they made sure, the people saw the attack on Jonathan Narcisse. Now you have individuals trying to destroy his character and question his credentials.

However I wonder why individuals who are questioning Jonathan's credentials are not Questioning Nancy Sebring, Dick Murphy, Patty Link, Ginny Strong and Connie Bossen' Credentials? Is it because the individuals feel their Credentials are legit and do not need to be checked? Or is it because They are White and Individuals who are raising the question feel Jonathan has no business challenging the status quo?

What the School Board of Cowards needs to do is to figure out why Des Moines kids are graduating at 79% second worse graduation rate in the state of Iowa! Dick Murphy told me Des Moines Public Schools has the best teachers, however the district has a graduation rate of 79.5%. You tell me what went wrong and why is Dick, Connie, Ginny, Patty and Nancy are attacking Jonathan about irrelevant issues when our kids in Des Moines Public School are failing? The Five Cowards got on the radio and attacked Jonathan Narcisse, however could not DISPROVE Jonathan's ARGUMENT! When Dick and Ginny ran for school board they made a promise they would make sure Des Moines Public Schools education is back to the top of the national class where it once was! Two years later it dropped further behind the National Class. States we used to dominate are now dominating us. Instead of working with Jonathan they'd rather show their immaturity and make a fool of themselves.

This is what I have to ask, since the Five Cowards disagree with Jonathan and they feel his numbers are not correct. Where is their evidence, how do they plan on bringing Des Moines Public School back on the map? What is their plan on raising the Graduation rate and getting Des Moines Public Schools from the Second Worst with 79.5 percent back to 100%. Problem is the five Cowards are too busy hiding and worrying about Test Scores and Mismanagement of Money! Rather than worry about how can the Board improve test scores and graduation rates. For if they do not all ready know the rest will be exposed with in due time any way!

Les Cason, Jr.

Editor's note:
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Spencer said...

Looks like you guys are really discussing community issues! I'm glad and excited about that . . .

desmoinesdem said...

I have a child in a pre-school program at one of the DM public schools. I am glad Jonathan Narcisse is on the school board.

I think Sebring is doing a pretty good job, but under the previous administrators a lot of bad decisions were made, and no one on the school board was asking the tough questions.