Monday, March 17, 2008

Help Keep the Harding Hills Hy-Vee Open!

Another door closed???

Not if we can help it!

The Importance of Keeping Harding Hills Hy-Vee Open

What: CCI members and supporters have asked that Hy-Vee representatives meet with us to discuss the closing of the Harding Hills Hy-Vee.

Why is this important? It has been reported that the Harding Hills Hy-Vee is not profitable. Hy-Vee claims that a mega store would better serve our community even if we have to travel further to access their services. Should they close their current location, Hy-Vee will not allow another grocer to move into the location to prevent competition with the new store. This will leave many families without access to a local grocery store. Representatives have stated there hasn’t been enough concern expressed from families in this area.

What do we want? If you are concerned about the relocation of Harding Hills Hy-Vee to the Beaverdale neighborhood (which already has a grocery store) Let your voice be heard starting Monday, March 17, call CEO Richard Jurgens at 267-2800 and tell him he needs to meet with the community that has supported the store for over 30 years. Or you can e-mail Richard at

When? Starting Monday, March 17th please call and e-mail Richard Jurgens. Tell your friends and family that care about this issue to do the same. Let Hy-Vee know they need to meet with us. Don’t wait, contact Richard Jurgens today!

For more information contact CCI at 255-0800.

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