Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Barack: an old friend with a new vision for America

Hi Black & Brown Iowa:

Well, 2008 is finally here! I just wanted to send a shout out to you all as your prepare for your historic caucuses. MAKE HISTORY THIS WEEK!

FYI: I went to law school with Barack “back in the day.” From the first day I met him I was impressed … no I should say dazzled by his intellect, his sincerity, his acute sense of politics, his ability to connect with folks, and his commitment to issues impacting Black folks. As a former president of the Black Law Students Association at Harvard Law School, it has pained me to hear the fodder of some of our so-called leaders questioning Barack’s authenticity regarding race. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could be further from the truth. The truth is that Barack is an amazing man, who also happens to be an amazing Black man, who can and should be the democratic nominee for President, and of course ultimately, the President of the United States!

Most recently, my work has revolved around children. As a mother, the author of 2 children’s books, a co-founder of a support group for African-American moms, and a senior officer of an action-oriented think tank focusing families, communities and democracy, I spend my days focusing on children. When I read, hear, or see something, it is always through this “motherhood” lens. This election is no exception. My support for Barack goes beyond old allegiances from friendships long ago. My support is also based on his stance on issues impacting American children and families, which are issues about which I care deeply, and upon which I believe our democracy rests.

Toward that end, I call your attention to an innovative and multi-faceted proposal put forth by Senator Obama which focuses on "Changing the Odds for Urban America." A dear friend of mine called this proposal “a creative and informed approach to the many issues arising from poverty that limit choices and suppress hope in so many urban areas in the United States.” Take a minute and review this proposal by simply clicking here: http://www.barackobama.com/issues/poverty/.

Also, please read and comment on my blog, which is highlighted right now on the Covenant with Black America’s website about Giving Thanks for Our Covenant Children. http://www.covenantwithblackamerica.com/

Happy New Year to you all,

Charisse Carney-Nunes
Author of Nappy and I Dream for You a World (the Children’s Companion to the Covenant with Black America)


NMP said...

Given an update on the Obama Campaigns ground game and outreach in Waterloo and other areas in IA with relative high concentrations of African Americans. Can they be the decisive sleeper vote in IA?

rikyrah said...

I want to thank the OP for their positive post on Barack Obama.

I will say again...


You have the power to enact CHANGE.

And, the way to do that is to Caucus for BARACK OBAMA.