Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Need to Stand Up and Be Heard

The following is from Iowa State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad especially for

We all have heard the quote "If not now when?" That itself should be one of our motivational rally points. We as Iowans must not be distracted from putting Senator Barack Obama on the road to the White House.

Iowa will make history on several fronts on January 3. The caucusgoes will set record numbers in turn out on January 3 at the Iowa caucus. Senator Barack Obama winning Iowa will send a message around the world that Americans are ready for a change. It will also send the message the we are tried of doing business as usual. Having Senator Obama as our President of the United States will send hope to the world that we are serious about the United in States. That his job will be to bring about Peace and Justice not only to the people in America but to the World.

He will accept the task at hand and from day one just with his election will change the outlook of other counties of America. You must look deep inside your souls and intellect and not be distract by falsehoods to act on what is best for this country.

The time is now, join me in my support of Senator Barack Obama.

God Bless & Keep the Vision.....
Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad


Dana Boone said...

Well said.

The nation is watching us. They say there is no diversity in Iowa and we shouldn't get to decide who might become the next president.

I say we do matter. And, tonight, we DO get to decide -- first! Our numbers as African-Americans in Iowa might be small, but we have an opportunity tonight to show the world that we want change by showing up at the caucuses in droves!!!!

The Peace Blogger said...

Great article and I totally agree with, being a black man living in UK, I know how important the victory of B. Obama last night was outstanding, now as African we have to believe that he can make a difference for us to...