Friday, January 4, 2008

Check Out the Iowa Voices

Check out the Iowa Voices in this story:

Blacks in Iowa, Fueled by Hope, Help Carry Obama to Victory - One Small Precinct at a Time

Date: Friday, January 04, 2008
By: Sherrel Wheeler Stewart,

“I don’t think the planners anticipated the numbers that turned out to caucus,” Abraham Funchess told Thursday was the first time the South Carolina native—turned Iowa resident had participated in the caucus...

“Barack crossed racial lines. He won our precinct, he’s leading Iowa,” said Charles Spencer, who participated in the caucus for the first time...

“This says a lot about Obama, and it says a lot to America,” Spencer told That precinct had a racial mix among the 377 who participated, Spencer said. About 15 of the participants were black.

At the predominately black precinct at Hiatt Middle School on the east side of Des Moines, Obama picked up six of the eight delegates, and Clinton received two, with 243 people participating, according to Dana Boone, who served as secretary for the precinct count.

“It was tense, but exciting,” Boone told shortly after the counting had concluded for the evening. Because of the large turnout, the crowd had to move from a small cafeteria to a larger space at the school, she said. “Blacks really showed up for Obama.”

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