Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wake Up, My Brothers and Sisters...

By the lowest rung of the social ladder

I do not understand why Black people have to speak to each other in such a manner that can kill the spirit of others or the mean spirit is embraced as a way of life and the condition lives on.

It is my most sincere prayer that we as Black people treat each other with respect and dignity. To love and help each other without the air of "I am greater than you" because I have a high position, more money, greater status or more education.

Is it not clear that we are all in the same boat together regardless of our station in life?

Why is it that we do not support each other in business with the exception of hair care and church affiliations? I am still in grief that Top Value Grocery Store went out of business.

What is the driving force that other races can come to this country and prosper while we as a race continue to be consumers and support the wealth and community development of others while we continue to dwindle into deeper poverty?

What respect can we expect from society if collectively act as non-producers?

Where are the great thinkers in our Black community from all levels that see the conditions that not only affect the adults but our children as well?

Can we organize a meeting of the minds to develop solutions to our problems?

Instead, we react to a problem and then allow it to fizzle out with no more follow up to continue the move forward until the next blow up?

I am only one voice from the lower rung of the social/economical ladder who can see the demise our people are bound for destruction.

I only want to help solve problems and not blame anyone; this is counter productive and will only lead to more division.

- Editor's note: "The Lowest Rung of the Social Ladder" is pseudonym for Des Moines resident Genie Bundy.

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