Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nightclub Dress Code Policies Attacked by Iowa Legislator

Iowa nightclubs wouldn't be able to bar admittance to patrons based on what brand of clothing they wear if a bill proposed by Rep. Wayne Ford (D-Des Moines) becomes law. Read the entire story at Iowa Independent.

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Dana Boone said...

Most everyone I know who goes out at some point has faced this issue. I wore a Grand View College hoodie to a downtown nightclub several years back and was told to tuck the hood in, among other things. I chose to leave. I refused to pay to be insulted and pay to be discriminated against. No club outing is worth the loss of my dignity and self-respect. I refuse to pay an establishment to discriminate against me openly. Why do so many people go back week after week to be told how to dress or to come back when we all know it's because the clubs don't want too many blacks inside their doors? People need to start filing more discrimination complaints and fight this on every turn!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh well. If u don't know how to dress properly don't go to clubs. Everyone knows not to wear a hoodie to the club. They just won't let u in. It's SIMPLE. Every single club is liek that.