Friday, December 28, 2007

Bridge Achievement "Gulf" in Iowa

The Register has this editorial on the achievement "gulf" in Iowa schools:

"The 2008 Legislature should make sure schools have funding to provide individual [tutoring] help daily, not when a child is months or years behind. . . . To see why, look at eighth grade . . . . . White students had the highest percentage at 75.2. But African-American students again performed worst, with only 44.4 percent scoring as proficient. . . . . In other words, less than half of Iowa's black youngsters are able to read reasonably well in middle school. That appalling statistic alone should push all Iowans - parents, educators, anyone who cares about kids and the state's future - to action."

The full editorial is here.

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rikyrah said...

As a community, we have to come together to uplift our children. We have to decide that our children are important. Our involvement is what will bridge the gulf.