Saturday, December 29, 2007

Michelle Obama Asks - ARE YOU READY?

The Future First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, asked this question in Orangeburg, South Carolina last month.

If you need a reason to vote for Obama, if you have questions, then listen to Michelle Obama. Imagine this woman as First Lady, and then tell me again why you can't spend two hours on January 3rd to Caucus for Barack Obama.

Here is a link to the video:Michelle Obama's Speech in South Carolina


qjett said...

I'm ready.

I just viewed the how-to-caucus video too. Pretty exciting.

blkvoter4edwards said...

John Edwards is hands down a better choice than Obama. Granted, Michelle would be a better choice, but she is not running. I will not vote for Obama JUST you endorse him, he sounds good, he's America's acceptable black political star of the moment, or because he purports to be a black candidate for president. I'm not impressed. Once again, some of you blacks get overly excited by a black or brown face witout regard tothe soul or heart behindit. I'd rather have John Edwards w, who does not run from the history of racial discrimination, legacy of slavery, and economic injustice in America. He is willing to confront racism, and unlike Obama,Edwards will even utter the word. Edwards, may wear a white face, but he would be the best president for black,brown, working, and poor people in Iowa, and all people across America.