Friday, December 28, 2007

BrownIowa's Dana Boone on BlackAmericaWeb

People of color around the nation are paying attention to Iowans of color this week, and looking for their voices about and participation in the caucuses. Tom Joyner's caught up with BrownIowa's Dana Boone. An excerpt is below.

"Dana Boone, a freelance writer and blogger based in Des Moines, Iowa, said the issues facing blacks in Iowa will prompt more to be involved this year in the party caucuses.

'We are first in the nation for the number of black men in prison. We are first in the nation for the percentage of black children suspended from school,' Boone told 'This is our opportunity to have our voices heard by participating in the caucuses.'

According to a report by the New York-based Human Rights Watch, one in every 13 black men in Iowa is in a state prison. And data published in September by the Chicago Tribune showed that blacks make up 5 percent of the statewide public school enrollment but account for 22 percent of the students who get suspended.

'There are serious problems affecting blacks in Iowa,' Boone said. 'The spotlight is on us. People want to get behind a candidate who can help improve Iowa.'

While all candidates and their camps are aggressively courting Iowa voters, Boone said she hears most blacks in her circle speak of supporting Obama."

The full story is here.

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rikyrah said...

I will say again how much I want our Brothers and Sisters in Iowa TO CAUCUS. Every Black Person in Iowa represents SEVERAL HUNDRED BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA.

If you want your issues to be focused on, then get out and caucus.

If anyone reading is concerned about social justice and the Black Community/Criminal Justice then you must be concerned by Hillary's Clinton admission that she is AGAINST RETROACTIVITY WITH REGARDS TO DRUG SENTENCING. This a core issue with regards to Blacks & the 'Just-Us' System.

Wake up.