Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rep. Wayne Ford Endorses Barack Obama

From the Iowa Independent:
"With Sunday's endorsement from Rep. Wayne Ford of Des Moines, Barack Obama takes the lead in endorsements from Iowa Legislators with 20 to Hillary Clinton's 19. . . . In Sunday's Obama press release, Ford said Obama will be "a President who can successfully expand economic opportunity and access to affordable housing for every American - including those who live in urban communities." The release also noted that Ford's endorsement gives Obama support from all four of Iowa's African-American legislators."

I'm very happy about this. I'm sure Rep. Ford had offers from powerful political operatives, but he held in there and did the right thing for Iowa and America. The full story is here.

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Robin said...

I just saw a brand new poll:

Obama 32%
Edwards 29%
Clinton 27%

Go Obama!