Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two Key Things to do for Obama

So you don’t have time to volunteer this week and you can’t spare $2,300 for the campaign, but you support Barack Obama. How can you as an Iowan help the Obama movement? Two easy but important things:

1) Click here and complete a Supporter Card (if you haven’t already): Make sure you click on the "I will attend my precinct caucus for Barack Obama box.” It may seem meaningless, but it really helps.

2) Attend your neighborhood caucus at 6:30 pm on Thursday, Jan. 3 and support Barack Obama.


Michelle said...

As critical as completing this SUPPORTER CARD is, for every 1 person who completes it, 100 will think that their Card will not make a difference. Hear me clearly, Iowa: IT MATTERS. I choose to remain hopeful. I choose to believe that each Iowan who visits this site will NOT leave without completing the Supporter Card. Call it wishful thinking, but somewhere deep in the fabric of this country, I believe that each American is tired of politics as usual, that each American seeks change.

As I click on the Support Card link, I hope Thousands more do the same. We are at a turning point in our nation's history. We have the chance to turn this country around. Embrace change. Embrace Barack Obama.

rikyrah said...

Please fill out the supporter cards. To help change this country, all it takes is 2 hours, January 3rd.

That's all.

How many hours are there in a year?

24 hours a day*365 days a year.

All Obama needs is 2 hours from you.