Thursday, December 20, 2007

“Fewer black freshmen return to Iowa State”

From today’s Register:

“A new Iowa State University study of freshman retention shows that 85 percent of all freshmen who enrolled in 2006 returned for their sophomore year. But advocates for black students said they were concerned that the retention rate for the 123 black students in 2006 was lower, at 73.2 percent. . . .

ISU will not single out any ethnic group for academic intervention in response to the new numbers. Rather, the university's response to any faltering students will include efforts to help those who demonstrate they are at risk through indicators such as their cumulative and midterm grade-point averages, said David Holger, ISU associate provost for academic programs.

The percentage of black students who returned at ISU in 2007 is significantly lower than previous years. Eighty-six percent of black freshmen in 2003 returned for their sophomore year, ISU statistics show. . . .
The disparity between returning black students and total students is not as dramatic at other universities in Iowa.”

The full story is here.

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