Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Go See “The Great Debaters”

Last night I saw “The Great Debaters,” which is a true story about a debate team from a Black college in the 1930s that went up against Harvard. It was an OUTSTANDING FILM!

Please go see it and support it ASAP, because unfortunately, movies about the intellectual prowess of people of color often don't do well at the box office (e.g., Antwone Fisher, Akeelah and the Bee). Here’s a review.

The movie trailer and interviews with Oprah Winfrey and Denzel Washington are below:


OCIII said...

Yes, I agree. Go see this movie!!!
It is a powerful reminder that we of so many resources have the responsibility, especially with so much given by the ones who came before us, to get up and take control of our future.

rikyrah said...

Loved the movie. Will see it again before the weekend is over. I thought the acting was on the money. I think that folks who criticize the 'Wife' roles have to take into account 'the times'. I said awhile ago that Black women knew feminism long before White women did; we threw away the model that was worked out for us by our elders; brilliant, strong women who knew how to balance things. Kimberly Elise showed that - she was every bit her husband's equal, yet her family meant everything to her, and they were a team to keep it together.

I loved the balance of Forest and Denzel's characters. Forest was more conservative; more ' Old School', yet, being that it was the Jim Crow South, he was a 'radical' just by his existence, and did what he had to do in order to help Denzel's character when he was taken in.

The young actors were fabulous. Terrific. I've been waiting for Jurnee Smollet to get worthy acting parts since Eve's Bayou. I hope it won't take another decade for her to be able to show her acting chops.

I want to thank Oprah and Denzel for this movie.