Tuesday, December 18, 2007

United States Representative Dave Loebsack Has Endorsed Senator Obama

U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack said today he is endorsing Barack Obama for president. He said that Obama, a senator from Illinois, offers the best chance to bring about change and healing. He believes that change comes from the bottom up like in grassroots campaigns- that is one of the reasons he supports Senator Obama so much...that’s Senator Obama's approach. Senator Obama believs that everyone has a voice and that it should be heard.


Spencer said...

It is amazing how many endorsements Barack has picked up--how many folks really want to change the direction of this nation. I was a bit frustrated by the Register's endorsement of HRC--but that's life. This election is going to be decided by the people.

Keecia said...

It is great that Senator Obama is getting gerat endorsements, but its a bit disappointing about the Register. However, you are right this election will be decided by the people. And the people are going to ensure that there is a change in the direction of this Country and thats what Senator Obama brings.