Saturday, December 22, 2007

Iowa's El Latino Newspaper Endorses Obama

On Thursday, the Iowa weekly Spanish-language newspaper El Latino endorsed Barack Obama:

"To Elect Barack Obama is to Elect a Better Future for Everyone

. . . Since Obama’s father was an immigrant and Obama is a minority in the US, he not only understands the Latino community, he feels it—the good and the bad. We identify with Obama and are convinced that he understands the issues that directly impact Latino families: issues like immigration, education, the War in Iraq, civil rights, and small business development. . . . No other presidential candidate, particularly divisive candidates, can unite Congress and secure the votes to finally pass comprehensive immigration reform. We believe that Obama is the only candidate with the capability to change the immigration laws to keep our families together and give everyone the opportunity to pursue the American Dream."

Hat Tip & full English and Spanish versions are here: Jenny U.

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